How to install Tvheadend with transcoding support

Simple Tutorial about how you can install tvheadend with transcoding support
1)install the required libarys

2)Get the source code from github

3)Now change into the “tvheadend” directory:

4)after that we enable some options like ffmpeg to transcode with it the channels and the dvbcsa to have newcamd support etc.

after if finish you go one directory back with the command

5) you check if the new file who is created are avaible with the command

6)if its exist you type then like

7)after if finish you type

8)And now you can go to your web browser and type there your ip with port 9981
Because alot of poeple ask how to have local channels its a simple way to create some channels
About where to get the stream link you need to type the play button and automatical its download a file with the stream link you become for example something like that

the problem is that this link for some reason sometimes are expirate so you can add username and password on the begining and delete from the ? to the end to solve this issue like this

how to change the port 9981 thanks mcloud for this info
nano /etc/default/tvheadend
add this 
For example

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